Multi-Word Demographics Issue

There are two demographics that are giving some players fits; played by and full name. Neither work as they’re supposed to. If you type “full name My Full Name” or played by Actor Person" you get an error.

%% Command played by Actor Person is not recognized. See help.

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The names get squished together for the commands, so you set them with fullname <name> and playedby <name>.

The default demographics help config was updated, but the list of demographics is game-specific so there was no auto migration. You can change it for your game in demographics.yml.

Either I added shortcuts or it came this way out of the box. <.< Regardless, under shortcuts, you can add:

actors: census played by
actor: demographic/set played by=
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Ah, yes, those should also be set by default.

It’s also worth mentioning that having disable_auto_shortcuts turned on in your demographics config means that the automatic “squished” ones aren’t necessarily turned on. So you’ll want to check your shortcuts list to make sure that the shortcuts you want are enabled.

Yeah, everything is fine except for the fact that “out of the box” the system comes with “played by” and “full name” as demographics. Which would be fine if not for the fact that when you type “demographics” it tells you to type "full name " and "played by " to set those demographics. It’s a simple enough fix though(adding help lines for each in the demographics.yml). It just caused some confusion as I was having people not use the web to do c-gen to make sure everything on the game itself was working.

Current out-of-the-box configs should work correctly, but if you had a pre-Beta-52 install it sounds like a migration might not have worked right or a release note update note might not have been clear. Sorry for the confusion.