Long channel messages from telnet client require two enters to send

I’ve seen an odd pattern of behavior across multiple Ares games where sending a long message to a channel (the most recent example being chat Also enjoying the fact that it's Friday, the week feels like it's been way too long) requires me to hit enter twice on Mudlet. The first enter dismisses the command exactly as if it’s sent normally, but the chat message does not go through until I enter another command or just hit enter again.

I can reliably reproduce this, and did so for this screenshot:

I sent the message immediately after the wholist line at 09:48:33, then waited a minute and sent the look command at 09:49:15. My TVR message went through at the same time as the look command, and I received a chat message in between entering the command and sending the look command, indicating the game was working fine.

I don’t use Mudlet, but it sounds like that’s a client-specific issue. I just sent your exact message just fine from Atlantis. Ares has no limits on channel message length - I actually sent a message 5 times as long without any problem.

Some clients don’t properly handle the keepalive signals, so you could try turning those off (keepalive off). You can also check your client settings. Mudlet isn’t one I’m familiar with, but there are setup instructions for a number of other clients here: Setting Up Your Client - AresMUSH Maybe that might help.