Location list, for "No Area"

Hmm… so I have a tiny thing to ask about, that I think I even may have asked about in the past, but a full search has turned up nothing…

On the Locations list in the portal… the list for each Area is currently shown as a bulletted, <ul> list. (Maybe that’s the part I asked about in some way in the past??)

However… the Locations with “No Area” are showing up with NO <ul> bullets… no line breaks, just a long string of all the names, mashed together. There are spaces between them, but it still comes out as a jumble.

Is there a setting that I should be able to find, to control how those lists appear, that I simply cannot find? Is it hardcoded this way for a reason? Is it an oversight that could be fixed?

I’m still running vanilla Ares, no modules. Any tips are appreciated.

No that’s just a bug.

Most games don’t have rooms without an area. It’s more of a holding pen for you to find rooms that missed their area somehow so you can fix it. So I just never noticed it.

Will add it to the list, thx.

Thank you!

(And yeah, we’ll probably be adding areas to those rooms soon… it’s just sticking out to me as messy, in the mean time.)