LF Coder for Quick Job - Willing To Pay

So I’ve tried and I just can’t wrap my head around certain aspects of the Ares web portal. I’m looking to do up a basic D6 system for a Star Wars game(see the Star Wars REUP PDF that can be found on the net). Not looking for web-based c-gen as I figure that will be more work than necessary but I’d like a web-based sheet.

I’m a casual coder at best and while I could do the MUSH/Ruby side c-gen and stuff, I just can’t wrap my head around converting the data for the web to display on a sheet. What would it require?

6 Attributes. Each attribute has a collection of skills attached to it. For instance, Dexterity has 4 skills connected to it(Blaster, Dodge, Lightsaber, and Running). Each attribute has a base rating measured in XD6+(1-3). Each skill adds to that. Attribute/Skills are increased in ‘pips’ (see the +(1-3) earlier). Raising a die rating above +3 increases it to the next die level. So Dexterity could be rated 2D+3. All skills default to that level and can be raised individually. So if you raised the Blaster skill by 1 “pip” it’d become 3D.

There are also three special skills for The Force(Alter, Control, Sense) which are rated the same as above but are not connected to any base attributes.

Jedi characters or other force users need to have a record of what force powers they have.

Each character should have a Move(integer), Force Senstiive(Yes/No), Dark SIde Points(integer), and Character points(integer) stats.

Being able to keep track of equipment would be nice, though it doesn’t have to be fancy.

Like I said, I’d be willing to pay a fair amount for the work.

Conversely, if someone was so inclined, if there was an easy way to describe how to convert MUSH side skill and their ratings for a web sheet I’m all ears. I can do attributes, that’s easy enough, but it’s taking a collection of skills and getting the web to hash them that I get lost. I just can’t figure out how to get the web request handler to work. But, again, I’m a casual coder at best.


Do you have everything already coded for the client side and just want to display it in the profile sheet?

Or are you looking at the chargen side too?

Right now I have nothing, figuring someone might want to do it from scratch to work with their own data structure. I could, however, do up the client-side stuff and then work with someone on the web portal implementation.

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Ok, so I have a basic system in place. It’s ugly but I set a goal of whatever I could do this morning. I have attributes and skills.

Attributes are stored as simple strings and skills are stored in a skill attribute as hashes(Name:Rank).

I’m loading it all for the web tab via the Profile plugin and the custom tab stuff found in there.

I can load the attributes onto the website just fine. I guess what I’m lacking is knowing how to massage the skill hashes into something readable by the web.

I’m assuming I need something like this(see below) embedded in a web_request?

    dexterity_skills: (char.lotor_dexterity_skills || {}).sort.map { |k, v| {
      name: k,
      rating: v

That’s right, you want to put that into the get_fields_for_viewing method inside of plugins/profile/custom_char_fields.rb, similar to how the Goals tutorial works: https://aresmush.com/tutorials/code/add-web/get-request.html

Hey, that seems to have been what I was missing. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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