Last One Standing

We’ve recently opened character creation and plan to run the opening event for our alpha next Friday 1/14/2022.

Last One Standing is at its core a gritty survival game, though it incorporates heavy elements of mystery, horror, action, and science fiction and takes inspiration from media like Squid Game, LOST, the Hunger Games, and Survivor among many others.

Last One Standing uses a loose and episodic framework for storytelling that allows for diverse survival-themed stories, impermanent death, and threads of continuity and overarching plot to connect the pieces.

Characters in Last One Standing wash ashore on a mysterious island - with no memory of who they are beyond their names - and discover that death, on the island, is impermanent; those who are killed disappear once their remains are out of sight, sometimes in the midst of a blink, and wash ashore the following morning alive once more.

At times, survivors on the island wake to find themselves in new surroundings, and sometimes with false memories, playing out different survival games only to once again wash ashore on the island when they inevitably die. The island provides a central mystery and establishes continuity between otherwise disconnected stories and allows characters to explore the relationships they build from their experiences. While we allow for PVP (with consent) we hope to focus on facilitating PVE as much as possible. 4201

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