Interest Check: Exalted 3rd Ed Mu?

I have cross-posted this on MSB, because of higher user volume- but since I really want the game to be on an Ares Server, I thought to cross post here ( In particular since I’m going to need to figure out a bunch of stuff. Guys. I’mma learn some things, exciting times.) :

I had an idea kicking around in my head for a couple of weeks, a concept really. I’m looking to gauge interest in and test the waters with a couple of ideas. I am, of course, also hoping to have further conversation on the topic.

I’m looking to try my hand at opening and administrating a game. I hope to learn new skills, and see a more in-depth side of just what it takes to administrate one of these games I’ve enjoyed for so long on a higher level than my previous staff forays.

The concept is, as the title suggests, a game based in Creation of Exalted 3rd Ed.

Due to the size, and ease of integration for logs, wikis, and online play I’m thinking Ares might work really well in terms of server. I also just really enjoy Ares.

In terms of theme I’ve got two concepts that are somewhat mutually exclusive: The first idea I’m thinking something based specifically on the Realm in the Blessed Isles and with the Dragonblooded as the standard PC.

There’s a lot of potential for a pretty adventure heavy, wuxia inspired, fantasty lords and ladies sort of feel to the culture I think would really work well. The Grid could be a major city of the Realm, allowing for family alliances and all the rest within the area around the Imperial Manse/City. I’m still not 100% set on the WHEN it would take place, but I’m thinking either shortly after the Scarlet Empress’ disappearance or sometime before, keeping her as a potent NPC/ST character.

It would also allow the Celestial Exalted Spats (Solar, Lunar, and/or Sidereal ) to remain as higher tiered characters for players interested in advancing and telling stories. The Abyssal, Infernal, and Alchemical Exalted would remain as NPCs only. Other Exalted splats would be considered once we got a look at the rules.

The second idea is far more open, in that it would allow people to play Celestial Exalted as well as Terrestrial Exalted. In this case, I was thinking the main grid would be set in somewhere like Nexus. I have less fleshed out ideas on this alternate concept. In this case, I’d probably want to explore Nexus’ unique character and location as a powerful, largely unaligned city where almost anything goes if you can scrape the coin together.

Anyways, I’m really looking forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested, and chatting out ideas or concepts. While I’m in the beginning stages of this particular concept I’ve wanted to try my hand at admining a game for a while now and figured why not now?



I recognize this is from years ago, but half of the reason I finally joined the forum was to go ‘Yes, this is a cool idea’… perhaps with the Exalted Essence rules, since those area thing that did not exist at the time the thread was originally created, instead of the big complicated normal Exalted rules.

Pros with essence rules: no XP for advancement, ease of tracking motes and stuff between scenes, every exalt splat available NOW/no need to wait for a new book to drop, charms are more broad/no need to dive DEEP into a tree for the good stuff.

Cons: rate of advancement needs to be figured out, custom evocation balance will be tricksy, and there won’t be a lot of new OFFICIAL stuff once the player’s guide drops (probably).

Anyway, interest is here (and maybe a few other folks I know who have mostly gravitated towards Ares… and maybe others from the traditional Exalted MU community, too, who knows?) I might even be spurred to help ST stuff, if you catch me at the right time!