How much work would it take to build the Chronicles of Darkness ruleset in?

I’ve been looking into Chronicles of Darkness / New World of Darkness games, and it seems like this is one of the most popular rulesets for MU*s. I’m interested in contributing to an Ares plugin set to support this system, but before diving in too deeply on that, I wanted to get a sanity check here– is it feasible to implement something like this as an Ares plugin or set of plugins, or is it too wide-reaching for that?

A couple of folks have looked into this before, and it really comes down to what you mean by “CoD Ruleset” and what your vision is.

Ares is designed to accept skill systems as plugins. By this I mean the ability to have a character sheet, to set stuff in chargen, and to roll dice within the context of scenes. This is a big job (especially for a pen and paper RPG system) but it’s certainly feasible to do that for CoD.

However, CoD games have traditionally included a lot more code than just the skills system. Immersive code like that “reality level” stuff or real-time “blood tracking” systems don’t mesh well with the scene system, web portal, and asynchronous RP. And they would be impossible to build as a plugin because they affect multiple core systems.

Also, Ares systems are built with OOC cooperation in mind. For example - profiles are public, plots are public, there aren’t advanced faction permission controls and stuff. I’ve never really played on CoD games, but I’ve been told that they tend to involve more OOC obfuscation or antagonism. A game like that would not be a good fit for the Ares platform.