Hello AresMUSH Community! Working on Bastards and Bloodlines!

My wife and I are working on a Game of Thrones game and I opted to try out AresMUSH because I thought the web integration features looked really interesting. I’m a coder by hobby not by profession and I have no real experience with Ruby so I hope I’m not getting in over my head. Should be a fun learning experience either way!

Anyway, just wanted to stop by here and say “Hi” and introduce myself to the AresMUSH community. :slight_smile:


Welcome and good luck!

Me, too! With the “hobby not by profession” bit.

Hope you have as much fun just tooling around with it as I have. It’s definitely been a wing-stretching experiment.

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Ares is definitely intended to be used by the hobbiest-not-professional coder. If there’s any specific feedback you have that could help improve the tutorials - anything that’s unclear or confusing - by all means shout out. Being so close to things myself, there are often things that I take for granted as obvious that actually aren’t.

Can do! I’m still in the early phases of things. Watching Ruby tutorials and browsing through existing plugins to see how things work. I’d love for a version of the plugins tutorial that went into the meat of some of the how’s and why’s but I also understand that would take a considerable amount of work. I did notice some broken links in the tutorial sections and just found the board for broken links so I’ll post those over there. :slight_smile:

What sorts of hows and whys are you interested in? I’m not sure I follow.

It’s okay, I don’t want to bother you with beginner newbie garbage. I’ll immerse myself in Ruby tutorials and hopefully things will become clear. :slight_smile:

That’s cool. But it’s not a bother. I genuinely want to know. I’ve spent considerable effort on the documentation trying to anticipate questions because I think it’s super-important to have good beginner tutorials. But just as you can’t find bugs in coded commands until somebody’s tried them out, you can’t find gaps in the tutorials until a newbie actually tries to use them. The docs are as much in beta as the code itself, and feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

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