Has anyone tried Storium?

Just wondering if anyone’s tried out Storium. I did just to get a feel for what it’s like. I think it would be good for a private sandbox game with your friends, but the two open games I tried both withered on the vine. The average speed was, like, one move (aka pose) per week. And I don’t mean one move per person per week… I mean one move total per week. In a game with four players it was taking a month to come back to your turn. It’s no wonder people lose interest. It’s a neat system and some of the stories are interesting, but the pacing is too glacial for me to really enjoy. Are all play by post games that slow?

Not all, but many.

It’s sort of a symptom of a lot of web-based RP, though one pose per week is bad even by those standards. I’ve found 3-4 per day to be a good rule of thumb for Google Docs or forum RP when it’s ‘active’.

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I tried to run a game in Storium and never even got character creation finished. I think 2 of the 4 people I invited even made characters.

Of the games I joined, I experienced the same thing as you, Faraday. It’s a really neat concept, but it’s just hard for people to keep up. I think you would need to find a really dedicated group of people who actually remember to check the site on a daily basis.

I think that’s part of the issue. It becomes yet another thing to remember to check every day and for some of us, it’s just difficult.

Do they have an app yet? I think it’d work better for me, personally, as an app where I’d get a ding on my phone when my turn came up.

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Not yet AFAIK. But yes I agree that would help a lot. Even their email notifications (which are less ideal) only seem to go out nightly.

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