Game Won't Start

Hey all,

So after having tinkered with things about a year ago, life has finally sorted out enough that I have spare time enough to try playing with things again. At this point, I was so many upgrades behind that I dumped my old forks, made new ones, cleared out both the aresmush and ares-webportal directories, and ran install from scratch pointing to my new forks. Everything seems to have gone fine…until the very end. For some reason, I can’t get the game to actually start up on my server, and the log file isn’t all that helpful. Everything looks fine - lots of loading modules, debug info about loading translations…and then straight to:

2019-04-04 22:25:18 INFO - Loading manage
2019-04-04 22:25:19 DEBUG - Loading translations from /home/ares/aresmush/plugins/manage/locales/locale_en.yml.
2019-04-04 22:25:19 INFO - Normal shutdown.

On the command line, I get all the usual chatter as it makes sure things are updated and installed, and then it ends with:

Built project successfully. Stored in "dist/".
File sizes:
 - dist/assets/ares-webportal-3b2e972a4742fb7acf3090931663817f.css: 143.43 KB (23.33 KB gzipped)
 - dist/assets/ares-webportal-f79e45e6a9cef53f42bbdd8657c2e75d.js: 670.78 KB (74.39 KB gzipped)
 - dist/assets/vendor-d28e8db53c3fc0091e83a863504d9487.css: 3.69 KB (1.46 KB gzipped)
 - dist/assets/vendor-d6e52f32bbc2839272f981408c5f9160.js: 3.48 MB (755.36 KB gzipped)
 - dist/ember-fetch/fastboot-fetch-6ea396418a32de73a0276debae134aa9.js: 411 B (234 B gzipped)
 - dist/scripts/ace_editor-0196270d42892dcac666a8754d514828.js: 364.44 KB (101.26 KB gzipped)
 - dist/scripts/alertify.min-1dfc05da2f216b35ce3565ae32389731.js: 35.02 KB (9.42 KB gzipped)
 - dist/scripts/ansi_up-158566dc1ff8f2804de972f7e841e2f6.js: 10.76 KB (2.83 KB gzipped)
 - dist/scripts/aresweb_version-a3f5bb19afda6d6bb56b0a4fdafec865.js: 30 B (50 B gzipped)
 - dist/scripts/music_player-2464b1d0edbbfe5487df7a2912d8c14b.js: 1.44 KB (616 B gzipped)
AresMUSH failed to start.  Check the highest-numbered log in game/logs for more information.

With no actual errors listed in the logs, or on the command line, I’m at a total loss for troubleshooting. Anyone run into this, or have some ideas for what I should try next?

Try starting the game in debug mode as explained here: Debug Mode. Sometimes startup errors don’t get caught in the log, but you’ll see them on the debug console.

If that doesn’t help, you could pastebin the full console output from debug mode (PM me if you don’t want to post it here).

That did it, thank you! Turns out it was having issues with the database password – that’s what I get for trying to shortcut a clean restart without REALLY rebuilding everything from scratch. Just to be certain, I killed the old droplet I was using, fired up a new one from scratch, and just did everything from there with a fresh vm, and all is working like it should now.

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