FS3 pre Ares

Please don’t proverbially shoot me. This is Lotherio, I’m still using FS3 on Penn. Is there a setting that would stop me from seeing the combat things when I do a newturn as the organizer? I have a combat going on a game and when I run and do turns, it doesn’t show me all the Bill hit Ted, armor reduced, light wound to the left hand and such.

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Sounds like maybe you left the combat somehow? (Though I’m kind of shocked the commands would even work then.) You could make sure your organizer has joined as an observer.

Its weird, I stopped combat, but combat stat on me shows the one I ended. Though i started a new one after, and joined everyone and same thing. No turns to me, others in the combat see all the combat info flash. I can see when its done and see what’s in the log, I just don’t get the info it churns out while a turn is running.

ETA: I can start digging through the code to see what I’m missing that it could be looking for, but was curious if there was something that I could have hit/did that turned off combat verbose or something.

No, there’s no built-in way to turn off the messages. Combat participants get all the regular messages; organizers get extra messages (for hidden NPC things).

If you do +combat <#> to see everyone in the combat, does it list your organizer at the bottom as an Observer? If not, that would be why you’re not seeing messages but everyone else is.

I’ve ended combat, but I still have combat: instance-db# of the prior combat. When I stopped it didn’t remove that.

I have a combat up that’s new and I run the turn. I am observer. I run a turn and get the triggering new turn message. I don’t get the who attacked who message. If others join as observer, they see them. Maybe I’m missing something on me? I was a player bit/staff before installing all FS3 components?

ETA: I removed the combat instance number from me, started a new one after that, and same thing. I’m in as observer, I have the right combat # stat on me and all. I think its how my staff bit is set up possibly.

ETA: Bwahaha, I found it. I’m a doofus. I had a space in my name. Somewhere it was sending it to nowhere with the first name and not me. I suppose I could alias to the first name, but I’m reducing to one name. All my bad, sorry to confuse you.

Ah, I’m glad you figured it out. I was so perplexed!

But yeah - none of my stuff works with player name spaces enabled. There’s a note about that in the config somewhere.