FS3 Combat Scene

Is there a way to UNLINK combat from a scene? I’m trying to get familiar with the commands before I run an event for the first time and the last thing I wanna do is start spamming output into someone’s bar mitzvah or something. And it sorta scened itself. I tried combat/unscene, and combat/scene with nothing, with a negative value, with NA, 0. I’m stumped.

Or can what be scene not be unscene? (Yes, still a real problem, I just had to.)

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Unfortunately, no. Combat is designed to work in conjunction with a scene. The automatic scene link is a convenience so that people don’t get through an entire combat and realize “oh crap; I never linked up my combat with my scene and all the combat emits didn’t get logged.” :slight_smile:

Your best bet is to just create a dummy scene that you can either delete manually when you’re done messing with it (or leave for the scene cleanup).

Dummy scene.
Gotcha. Thanks!

How about when you’re starting a combat via portal? Is there a way to make if a mock combat, or only “real”?

And while I’m at it, with the console ‘damage’ command, I can edit someone’s damage on the console. Is it possible to do that via portal, maybe in a combat (to erase damage taken by mistake, or add environmental damage without having to jump into console)?

Hi, I’m needy. :slight_smile:

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I can put that on the wish list, sure.