FS3 Auto-Spend

One thing that I’ve struggled with, and I know some others have had, is forgetting to spend the XP that comes in. My brain tends to be fairly organizational, but even I find myself slipping further and further in the week as I repeatedly forget. And today I had the sudden, random thought “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set yourself as learning something and then it would auto-spend every week until you finished?” By this I basically mean, something where you can say “I’m spending my XP on THIS THING until I finish getting my next dot of it,” and the system magically spends the weekly XP you get accordingly.

There’s probably more variables here than I can properly appreciate, given the fact that the weekly XP gain is different game to game, etc. But I just wanted to throw it out there as an idea.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I’m sure many folks would appreciate having that, but I’m afraid that’s not a feature I intend to implement.

To be honest, I don’t like the emphasis that XP gets in FS3 already. XP was meant to be a frivolous bonus for the occasional skill that characters pick up through RP. “Oh, my librarian has been RPing sparring with Roz for the past few weeks, I’ll pick up a dot in Melee”. Characters were never supposed to change much beyond chargen. With a generous point allocation and limited action skill list (at least in the default config), there wasn’t meant to be a need for it. You could basically start out as badass as you wanted to be. XP wasn’t supposed to matter.

I realize that’s not how things ended up, and that has nothing to do with you or your suggestion. The issue you describe is valid, it’s just a symptom of something larger… clashing visions, configuration complexity, idealism vs reality…I don’t know exactly.

All I know is needing more commands to optimize XP spends is really the opposite direction of where I would like things to be.