Forum sorting - oldest on top or newest on top?

And does it need to be consistent from game to web?

Personally I’m finding that I read forums pretty much exclusively on the web, and I want newest on top like in an inbox. I also don’t care if they’re consistent between game and web - I can see why you want them at the bottom on a client, because scrolling.

But we’re getting a ton of messages now and the scroll-down on web is frustrating.


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(repeating from the other thread for cohesiveness) I’ve gone back and forth on the oldest-first thing. It’s a question of whether it’s better to go with what’s most intuitive for the medium (on MU, your eyes track toward the bottom, on web toward the top) or making it consistent between the two.

Definitely open to changing it if most folks concur.

I’d vote for medium-specific rather than consistent between the two.