Forum Refuge

Most of you know that I have been a long-time, active member of the MU Soapbox (MSB) forum. While we have not always seen eye to eye on policy (like the Hog Pit section), I have always supported MSB as the common watercooler of the MU community. Its longevity and broader appeal made it a better hub for MU discussions than here.

Recently, MSB has suffered from some upheaval. With friends and people I respect on both sides on the conflict, I can understand the hurt and angry feelings coming from all directions. Honestly it just leaves me feeling sad and somewhat caught in the middle. I sincerely hope that things can be resolved and the community can return to its regularly scheduled chaos.

In the mean-time, I know that a number of folks may be looking for an alternative place to chat until things settle down. I just wanted to remind everyone that this forum is not exclusive to AresMUSH discussions. It is open to the entire MU community to talk about any fun stuff - MUs, games, movies, hobbies, etc.

It is not my intention to undercut or supplant MSB or any other forum. We have amiably co-existed for years and can continue to do so. I merely wish to note the open door here for anyone who needs it.

As a reminder, the rules here require civil discourse. Constructive criticism is OK, but personal attacks are not. No flammable subjects like politics or religion. This is our pretendy-funtime space, so leave any drama at the door.