Flight of the Golden Crane

Flight of the Golden Crane is a Wheel of Time MUSH set in an alternate universe version of the War of One Hundred Years. War ravages the world, and one fragile alliance defends the interests of the Light against chaos and Darkness: the Borderlands Alliance launched by Shevan Jamelle, once governor of the province of Rhamdashar, now King of the newborn nation of Malkier.

Players will take roles as members of the Alliance and will face threats from within and without. The Blight is wide awake and threatening invasion from the North. Greedy lords and ladies and crazed fanatics eye their lands from the South. Internal threats and intrigues could tear the newborn border kingdoms like rotted cloth. It will be up to the PCs to keep all of these threats at bay.

We’re about 1100 years before the books/television show and that has meant a lot of extrapolating from source material. Thus everything anyone would need to play is somewhere on the site. Don’t know a thing about WoT but have been looking for a high fantasy game for awhile? It’s been set up so you can walk right in and treat it like an original fantasy if you want to.

What can you do on this game?

On this game, you can fight monsters. Protect your home. Repel invasions. Oppose, make use of, or ally with various factions. Negotiate with warring generals, lords, and leaders. Study strange phenomenon. Chase useful local resources that can aid in this conflict. Maneuver your way into earning resources for the people who look to you for leadership. Engage in intrigues with border lords whose ambitions and agendas may threaten the newly forged and therefore fragile alliance. Engage in intrigues to improve your own character’s power, prestige, influence, or position. Track down thieves, Darkfriends, and other bad actors. Build the relationships that make it all worthwhile for your characters, and which lead to rich character growth and development. Face dangers that may test your character’s faith or loyalties. Not all dangers are physical…or obvious.

On this game, story is the focus and players have been given plenty of freedom to make their own fun while being provided with straight shot access to getting into ST plots too. Effort is also made to make player-run plots just as relevant as staff-run plots.

We chose this time period because it offers a range of experiences at a time and place where every single PC action has the potential to be significant.

Come on out and see us at goldencrane.aresmush.com.