Error in demographics.yml?

So looking over this, I am seeing the following:

actor: See ‘help actors’.

Except this doesn’t seem to work at all for me.

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It seems like you might have an old install that didn’t get all the upgrade notes attended to as it got updated. The current demographics.yml help text doesn’t reference actor:

    played by: "%xcplayedby <actor>%xn - Your 'dream casting' for your character."
    physique: "%xcphysique <build/body type>%xn - athletic, wiry, slim, pudgy, etc."
    gender: "%xcgender <male/female/other>%xn"
    hair: "%xchair <hair color>%xn"
    eyes: "%xceyes <eye color>%xn"
    skin: "%xcskin <complexion>%xn"
    birthdate: "%xcbirthdate <mm/dd/yyy>%xn or %xcage <years>%xn"
    callsign: "%xccallsign <callsign>%xn - Non-pilots may leave blank or enter a nickname."
    full name: "%xcfullname <name>%xn - Your character's full name."