Empty tab on Character List page

So, I tried to search to find something on this puzzle, and wasn’t able to find anything that fit the bill. There’s this weird, blank, extra tab showing up on my character listing page. It wasn’t there a couple of days ago, but it is now. I’m not sure where it’s come from. I don’t think I’ve done any weird edits somewhere for it to have just appeared, but you never know.

Here’s an image of what it looks like:

I’d welcome any suggestions on how I might make it go away.


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That happens when someone is missing whatever group (faction, org, etc) is set up as your main character gallery sorting thing.

(I keep trying to fix it to say “No Faction” or whatever but apparently keep missing cases, oops)

So, I need to go through the characters and see who’s missing a team? Will it only be among the approved characters, or will I need to check all of them?

It’s only approved chars.

The census command/web page might help. Or if it’s a small game it might be obvious just looking for who’s NOT listed in the other tabs.

Since chargen checks to make sure you have your groups set, most often it ends up being a NPC who got approved without going thru chargen.

If you can’t find it easily you can have a coder char run a command to check. For example, this command checks for approved characters missing a Faction: ruby Character.all.select { |c| c.is_approved? && c.group("Faction").blank? }.map { |c| c.name }

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Thank you.

That, and a little bit of extrapolation, solved it.

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