Dreamwalk MUSH Changelog / General

Dreamwalk MUSH is a game about dreams built on old MUSH ideas. In it, you are a dreamwalker, a lucid dreamer who can travel to other people’s dreams from across dimensions (a Space Marine might have a dream where he meets Alice In Wonderland), and even alter those dreams. In Dreamwalk MUSH EVERYBODY is a builder, but they have to spend Lucidity to build anything, and it’s way more expensive to manipulate another person’s dreamscape than your own… but it still can definitely be done. (Type lucidity once logged in to see costs)

The point of the game is threefold, to:

*build up your own dreamscape as time passes
*meet other dreamwalkers, and interact with them, and
*explore the infinite dreamverse, hopping between dreamscapes to meet new and unexplored places

Character Creation

Becoming a Dreamwalker requires you consider a few things. Most importantly:

  • who they personify in their dreams,
  • what their dreamscape is like,
  • which universe your character is native to (optional), and
  • what their role in that universe is (also optional)

Who They Are In Their Dreams

Enter with a concept of who they are in their dreams. This is important. It is your character’s presentation to all other characters. It is who they are on the inside, which becomes the outside here in the dreamverse. Is The Space Marine a poet? Perhaps instead of defying the norm, he’s exactly what you would expect him to be in his dreams: a warrior. Whatever the case may be, have an idea of who they think of themselves as while dreaming.

What Their Dreamscape Is Like

Not who they are, but what they dream about. What are the places like? What are the people in them like? How do things work, what is going on there? Duke Nukem’s dreamscape might be full of attractive women in skimpy yet high class attire; starlet outfits and the like. A djinni’s dreamscape might reflect the wishes of his masters, and the negative consequences wrought upon them for asking for those things. A Sopranos character might dream about that one time their boss insulted them, over and over. Whatever the case may be, have a compelling idea in mind.

Which Universe Your Character Is Native To

Your character isn’t always asleep. When you, the player, are logged off, your character is either awake or in some kind of dreamless sleep. He can’t enter people’s dreams because he isn’t dreaming, but his dreamscape persists when he stops dreaming, allowing other dreamwalkers to enter them, observe them, and even alter them.

People from all different universes dream. Space Marines dream. Alice in Wonderland dreams. Sopranos crime family members dream. There is no limit to which universe you can be in. You can use an existing one, create a derivative one, or make an entirely new one. The only key is that you make it somehow interesting to other players. If you fail to do this, you might fail as a player.

What Their Role In That Universe Is

So you’ve decided where your character resides, but not who they are. If you’re playing an Alice In Wonderland character, you need to know which one; after all, the disposition of Alice is very different from the disposition of the Red Queen. Formulate an idea of their role. It does not need to be fabulous to be interesting. A grunt office worker can be a terrifying anti-hero in his dreams; a person’s soul often isn’t reflected in their situation.

Actually Making Your Character

Simply create the character and log in to the MUSH using the web client or your favorite real client; the host is dreamwa.lk and the port is 1736. That’s all you need to do. When you tell us you’re ready, we’ll have a private conversation with you about your idea and log it. You don’t need to write any of the stuff down, but you need to explain to us your idea in a way that covers all those topics. Then, after we’ve considered the totality of your idea, we’ll sign off on it, approving your character, or tell you what needs to change to convince us to sign off on it.


Lucidity is how you get things done. It’s how you build new rooms. It’s how you describe and name those rooms. It’s how you create sympathetic connections to people when you run out of your first three sympathy tokens. It’s how you build bridges between people, and tamper with other people’s dreamscapes. There are two main ways that are currently implemented to get more Lucidity:

Actually roleplaying

You get Lucidity based on a combination of how many people are in the scene, and how many words you wrote. While quantity doesn’t translate directly into quality, more is better ceteris paribus, and it’s something that can be calculated objectively.


We want you to stay logged on! Even if you’re just chatting OOC, that’s better than disappearing. For every hour you’re online, idling or otherwise, you get 150 Lucidity.

Reminder! The actual game is hosted at dreamwa.lk on port 1736. The website is located at http://dreamwa.lk.

Remember! You can always use the lucidity command for important information