Cylon Styles

So last night I used a Nannybot as a NPC attacker in a recon scene. And it got me to thinking - it’s been two years since the war started on BSGU, what other ‘civilian’ models would still be left on planets that are fighting? Or would they all be upgraded to the military model? What if there was to be a TP where it’s discovered that the Cylons are using an ‘upgrade facility’ to mode up civilian builds into their Centurion and Cylon counterparts. What if that Hostess Cylon from that sheek upscale Caprican restaurant that looked like a real robot girl was to come charging out with a knife? Or it turned out that she’s been made into a pilot.

Just a random thought.

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There are definitely possibilities for those sorts of plots. If you look back through some of the older logs you’ll see that the Cylons are absolutely still using old worker models. That’s the “Cylon” type in +combat. There are thousands upon thousands of them throughout the colonies, and they attack with knives, clubs, picked-up pistols or rifles, or even their bare hands. I’m sure they’re upgrading some, but it’s going to be a balancing act between that and building new Centurions. So there can certainly be all sorts of wacky Cylon encounters. I loved NannyBot, btw.