Combat bug from a partial-name match

I have a character named Samuel in Combat 27.

I did combat/add Sa=28 and got:

<FS3Combat> Sa has joined the combat as a Unarmed.
<FS3Combat> Samuel has changed weapons to Unarmed. (by KarmaBum)

It throws the character into the combat, bypassing the “already in combat” check. I noticed it because I left him in an old combat, added him to a new one, and he kept getting “Baddy is not in this combat” errors.

I’m not really seeing the bug. It added a NPC named “Sa” because there is no player with a name or alias of “Sa”. Not all commands allow partial name matches.

It didn’t add the NPC Sa. It added the PC Samuel.

Sorry, I realize I should clarify:

Samuel-PC was in combat 27.
Adding an NPC to combat 28 with a partial-name match added Samuel-PC to combat 28, so he was in combat 27 and 28 at the same time, and the partial-name NPC was nowhere.

Ah okay - that’s a bug then, gotcha. Thx.

Oh, yeah, I’ve gotten this, too (like, you try and create NPC ‘Man’ and if there’s a PC named ‘Manny’, ‘Manny’ joins the combat). I’d worked around this by trying to differentiate names from PCs but a fix would be super.

Yeah my NPCs are usually all just Raider1, Cylon2, Thug3, etc. so I just never noticed :slight_smile:

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