Collapsible tags not working?

I’ve looked through the forums so far and haven’t seen this brought up, so Im hoping Ive just missed it. When attempting to use collapsible text, is there something additional you need to be including in the first text button? The Markup help file says you just need:

[[Button Text]]
Text to hide/show

But regardless what I do, [[Button Text]] is not recognized and the bit does not expand/collapse.

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I think you’re missing the collapsible start tag in front of button text?

[[collapsible button text]]
Text you want to show and hide.

So for example:

[[collapsible Show Details]]
Here are the details.

I KNEW I was doing something stupid. sigh Alright, thank you, and sorry to waste your time :slight_smile:

No worries - I can see where one might think it meant “collapsible button text” as opposed to "collapsible button text". Glad it’s working now.