Client-Side Multiscene Posing

Hey guys! So, at Faraday’s suggestion, throwing up a bbpost here to open up a general discussion.

Ares currently allows you to see the log of a scene you’ve joined/have access to, even if you’re not in the room where that scene is happening. But it doesn’t allow you to direct a pose to another scene, just to the room that you’re in. You have to re-join the other scene and drop a pose there.

For those of you who play from a client of your choice, rather than the web portal, how many of you have more than one scene going at once? Would the ability to direct a pose to a specific scene without leaving the one you’re in be functionality that you find useful?

Potential example:

scene/emit <scene number>=<emit>

Let’s discuss! Something you would use frequently? Something you’ve found yourself wanting? Or something of an edge case for you that you probably wouldn’t use?


I think this would be immensely helpful! And I endorse it. :smiley:


Thanks for the idea, Derp.

Here’s my concern - Since you don’t get notified of poses happening in other scenes, you just kinda have to remember to periodically check scene/log and then direct a pose with a sort of weird pose syntax. That feels like a very awkward workflow when there are better ways to do it (alt, playerbit dummy, portal.)

Pretty much all MUSH client interaction is based on the room you’re in. So letting you pose from another room now opens up a whole other can of worms about like… what if you want to make an OOC from another room, or add a skill roll from another room, or whatever. I’m definitely not going to duplicate all of those commands to let you direct them to a particular scene. :slight_smile:

You can already do scene/addpose to add a silent pose (usually used for fixing a log that got started after missing a few poses), so it would be easy enough to duplicate that functionality for scene/emit. It’s not a technical obstacle, just a user-experience one.

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But you do get notified of other poses in scenes? I get notifications all the time that it’s my turn to pose in scene ###.

And granted, there are some things that are easier from the web portal (adding OOC and rolls to other scenes, etc), but those can all be duplicated by other things that posing can’t right now (rolls can go to a channel, so there is a record of those, scene OOC can be done via PM.)

It is sometimes cumbersome to switch out of the client window and over to the browser, pull up an entire new tab, go into the scene, and do the thing, when there could be a fairly easy command line option that’s far less labor intensive.

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I mean you don’t get to actually see the poses. And you only get those notifications if you have the scene pose nudge turned on, which many players don’t because they find it annoying.

Rolls also don’t go to a channel always - that’s configurable, and only really applies to FS3 anyway not to other systems. There are many other commands too that are just not designed to cross rooms. Those are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head.

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scene/pose <#>=<pose> was on my to-do list, so I’m very on-board with this.

I see how it’s not the “full experience” that it would be if you were in the room (rolling, OOC, etc.), but it’s kind of the Ares version of posing via puppet: it’s not a thing I did very often, but it was convenient to be able to pose in two rooms at once every now and then.


laugh I’d love to have the ability to be in more than one scene at a time, although quite honestly I am more likely to have a browser window per scene if I am multiscening on one alt.

The one thing that I see that could be troublesome - if one cannot see what is going on in a scene that they are not physically in, how does one know what to pose? Being able to see the context of the scene is critical to appropriate and decent posing. Looking at it that way, I’m more likely to use the many-browser-windows approach.