Choosing the Right Server

Choosing the right server for your MUSH is important. As cool as Ares is, it’s not going to be the best choice for every game. I’ve updated and beefed up the server guide to help you decide.

I’ll call out the most important bit here, but I still encourage anyone thinking of using Ares to read the whole thing.

MUSH servers are like LEGOs. Many servers come with some basic building blocks and a pile of bricks for you to do your own thing. Ares isn’t like that. It’s more of a pre-built LEGO castle, all ready to move in and play. You can customize the interior quite a bit, maybe even add on a new tower or two, but you can’t easily change the walls and foundation.

For many games that’s perfect. It lets them get up and running quickly with no coding needed.

But if your game vision requires you to start ripping out the castle’s walls, it’s probably easier to start with a pile of bricks instead.