Chontio: A Star Wars MU

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …

It is the time of the Galactic Empire. The arm of Emperor Palpatine extends far and wide. It is a time of peace, where trade flourishes and order is kept by the harsh justice. Many worlds have grown rich, others suffer under the yolk of the Galactic Empire.

Two years ago, the Empire reached a small planet in the Outer Rim, past Kessel Sector. Chontio is inhospitable and dangerous, but the recent technological breakthrough in using the naturally-occurring Mazeri Crystal has promised wealth beyond anyone’s dreams…

The people of Chontio struggle with the Empire, with the conditions of a brutal world, with the original inhabitants of the planet striking against the colonizers of Chontio. How will the Tageeri Confederation make it through these harsh times? How will you?

Chontio MUSH takes place in the capital city of the Tageeri Confederation, Davotay, along with its sister city, Gorana. Characters will be citizens of the Tageeri Confederation, and work to aid their home city, their home planet, and their home government… in whatever way makes sense for that individual. port 3268

Hello everyone! Chontio is finally in open beta. We are accepting new characters! You can go ahead and create via logging in or on the web! If you’re logging in, the standard create character password should work, otherwise type tour to log in as a guest.

If you’re interested, a great place to start reading is our getting started page. You can also look at our roster characters.

I want to also give a giant THANK YOU to @farfalla (my other staffer + the reason I’m sane) and @faraday (who wrote AresMUSH and held my hand through this whole process), without whom I couldn’t have gotten this game open in 2 months. Also big shout out to @Brunocerous who desc’d almost our whole dang grid and @Roadspike who has been supporting this project since day 1.