Can't figure out this error code

So, I think I caused the issue trying to use tinker earlier, but I’m not getting an error on that particular file any longer…I simply can’t adjust any YAML file without getting an error message of Trouble loading YAML config: undefined method `gsub’ for #RuntimeError:0x000055d881dbfba0.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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If you look in your debug log (, you should be able to find a more detailed error message including a stack trace. If you can post it here (or PM me if you’d rather) I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it.

It’s unlikely that you caused that with tinker, and more likely that the ‘load’ that happens after a tinker just alerted you to an existing issue in one of your configuration files.

The error I pasted was directly out of the log file, and popped up immediately after I was bashing away at the tinker config file. And then when I was attempting to get a valid bit of YAML code using the validator…(I put {}) on the top line of tinker config because…reasons?..I broke the mush completely. As in, couldn’t look at anything without an error, and the game no longer communicated with the web portal…

So I just rolled back 4 hours to my last snapshot. I don’t have the logs of the database on fire portion of the afternoon now, I’m afraid.

But, all is corrected and I’m going to stick with what I can safely for the moment!

There should have been more text above or below that message with more details about the error. Anyway, it was probably just a problem in the tinker config file originally. And yeah - having {} by itself in a config file is not allowed. They always start with the plugin name, ala:

   some_config: whatever

For future reference, you can correct config issues like that with either FTP, GitHub, or a text editor like nano through the server shell, even when the game stops responding.

Glad it’s working now though.