BSG: Unification (Closed)

Tip of the Spear

BSG: Unification MUSH is set during the First Cylon War, 50 years prior to the series. William Adama is still a teenager, the 12 colonies of Kobol have only just recently united under a common banner, and the humans are losing the war. One unit is poised to change that.

The MUSH follows the adventures of the Timber Wolves, a special operations unit in the nascent Colonial Forces. This small band tackles the toughest missions across all Twelve Colonies, putting aside old rivalries and prejudices as they band together against a common enemy.

An enemy that, left unchecked, will annihilate them all.

BSG:U is primarily a war MU*, so you can expect a lot of action and adventure. Between missions, there will be time for personal drama and chilling out around the fleet.

The PCs are stationed aboard the Vanguard, a small cutter-class vessel. They’ll be focused on more commando style missions (both ground and air) rather than major battles. As a unified air/ground unit on a smaller ship, everyone will be working more closely together.

No prior BSG experience is needed. It’s helpful, of course, if you’ve seen the show but the wiki tells you everything you need to know.

We are also the first public beta game for AresMUSH. port 7206

BSGU has closed, though the server is still up for sandbox RP and Ares testing. Thanks to the players who participated.