Bad Moon Rising MUSH

“Now why would you wanna do a damn fool thing like come to Sweetwater for if you don’t live here? We got VAMPIRES, people! Got big ass fangs like a freakin’ python! Suck your blood til you go dry! AND ALSO ZOMBIE PIRATES! Don’t believe a word the Mayor says about the troubles bein’ over for this town, the darkness is comin’!” - Buck Bucksley, Resident, Sweetwater

Welcome to Bad Moon Rising MUSH, a Buffyverse game set in a small Kentucky river town named Sweetwater. We’re running on AresMUSH (naturally) and using FS3 for conflict resolution and combat. The fate of the world is in the hands of the residents of Sweetwater. Stay for a spell. Have a glass of sweet tea on us.

Questions? Hit me up here or on the game as Scarecrow. We are still in-development, but as our philosophy heavily leans towards story and not system, we are open for play.

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