Autobiographer Badge?

I can’t figure out why I can’t make this one work. I thought maybe something had changed and people just couldn’t get it anymore, but six people have managed it since I first tried. So I must be doing something wrong… I just can’t work out what. Also some people seem to have their little write-up from their Arescentral handle page in their usercard(?) thing, but I don’t think I do. Is there something we’re supposed to do to link them up? What have I missed?

Sorry, I don’t really pay much attention to the forum badges. I don’t know what the specific trigger for that is. Maybe someone who has the badge can share what they’ve done, or maybe you could check the Discourse forums for help.

Your AresCentral profile text should be transferred automatically when you log in. If you’ve changed it recently, you can just log out and log back in and it should update.

Well, okay, apparently what I had to do for it to take was log out and log back in. I guess I should log out of things more often. Thanks!

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