AresMUSH v1.0.6 Released

V1.0.6 is now released, with more improvements to the locations directory and various fixes.

Release Notes

How to Upgrade (no restart required)

Might be a wee bug:

When I moved a bunch of posts today, it reset the Last Activity date on the ones that had no replies to the time I moved them, but the ones with replies retained their last reply-date.

The ones time-stamped 4:28 & 4:29 are the times I moved them; they have no replies.
The ones time-stamped 10:54 & June 11th are reflecting the last reply times.

I think that’s because a post with no replies uses the post date for last activity, but a post with replies uses the date of the last reply for its last activity. So it looks like it’s working as intended, though I can understand why it can be confusing.

Hmm. I may not have explained it clearly.

Amani hasn’t touched this post in weeks. I moved it today, at the time stamped here:

This is the only activity in the post:

When I moved them, it has the times listed as the times I moved them, unless there’s a reply, then it has the time of the latest reply.

Right, because moving them updates the last_updated timestamp of the original post. In a post with no replies, that new time is the time that’s going to be shown. In a post with replies, it won’t matter that you moved it because it’s the timestamp of the last reply that is displayed.

I can understand the argument that moving the post shouldn’t update the timestamp, but due to the way the database works it does. (timestamps are added automatically)

Got it. It is a little bizarre like that; is there a reason? It also kicks those old posts up to the top of posts that are more recent, but then you go click and it’s like “nope, actually from a month ago~”

Could it maybe be changed so it reflects who did it? Instead of saying the last activity was Amani @ [just now], it would be KarmaBum @ [just now].

I could maybe add a comment to the post like: “KarmaBum moved this post to the XYZ category.” so at least it’s obvious why the date changed.

That would work.

It’s not a thing done often, I’m sure. I just happened to move a few posts en masse today.

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