Ankh-Morpork MUSH

A world swimming in the blackness of space…
Resting on the back of four elephants, riding a turtle…
A place where magic is real, DEATH is an antropomorphic personification, and a librarian may prefer to be an orangutan…

A world where belief shapes reality, where barbarian heroes drink alongside wizards and card-carrying Assassins, where witches win their battles with headology, and you may be the next roleplayer to join us.

… Well, fine. Hype aside, we’re good people and we’d like to have more playmates. We’re utilising Ares to the fullest, using the web interface to run scenes across time zones as well as meeting on-grid. Ours is a pretty laidback atmosphere, fuelled by our love of Terry Pratchett’s writing, and while some of us are lore nerds for sure, intimate familiarity with all 41 novels is not a requirement. Check us out?

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I am sorry to report that game admin has announced this game shut down as of this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sad to see you guys go — hope nothing terrible caused the closure, and best of luck in future stuff!


Yeah, that was a bit of a thing to wake up to for me as well. I guess that’s life. I’m sorry we didn’t get to play together – I was rather looking forward to meeting the combination of Augustus and Madilyn! Maybe we’ll manage to bump into teach other in another game some day!

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