Advantages chargen toggle

So, what are the odds of me convincing anyone that it’d be nice to have a toggle for the FS3 advantages system, making them accessible (the current status) or not accessible (what I want) in character generation?

Advantages seem to be designed to provide an immediate advantage such as an innate ability or funds or similar from the beginning of play. They work fine for this. But they can also be used as a late-game experience sink – set at a steep price, players who have maxed out their regular skills can now work towards rare powers or gifts.

That’s how I’d like to use them – as a long-term goal for players who have been around enough to warrant an ‘extra level’ to the end game.

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. Do you just want a toggle for advantages to only be purchase-able through XP and not in chargen?

That’s not something I would want to put into the core code, but you could do it with custom code.

The easiest approach would just be to add a custom chargen check that basically adds a red error message to the approval screen if they spent CG points on advantages. “Advantages can only be purchased after CG” or whatever your policy is.

Disabling the advantage-related screens and commands entirely in CG would require more invasive custom changes, but it’s certainly possible.

Yes, that’s what I was after. And if it’s not an option, I will probably end up doing what you suggest. It’s not quite as sleek as them simply not showing but it’ll get the job done – and it wouldn’t be all awful that people can see what they can get later on.

The idea is exactly that: That advantages are to be purchased in the long term (effectively being a senior player experience sink).

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I hackily did this at one point by hiding them from view in Chargen via CSS. I don’t have the code any more :(, but it couldn’t have been that hard if I was able to do it in the first place.

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You could probably hide it that way on web but the chargen advantages commands would still work in-game.

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I forget that is even a thing. :rofl: But yes. It would be a gap.

We still do get the occasional player doing chargen from the client though I’ll admit they’re rare these days. XD