Adjusting AP in CG based on age

Humour me. Is it possible to use age as a variable in CG, whereby the number of points available to you is a function of your age?

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If you’re talking about adding this to FS3…

I did this at one point as an exercise. It’s a lot of work, and it creates a ton of merge conflicts when you go to upgrade. If you’re just trying to find something to learn with and poke around under the hood, this is a good one to get a feel for how FS3 and Chargen work, especially translating it all to the portal, but I ultimately decided it would just be easier to add additional chargen hooks to call out people’s points vs age.


You can create custom app review checks as described here:

So what you could do is set the configuration option to the max possible, but then have an additional custom check that warns you “You’re a young’in, you can only spend X AP.”

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