Adding point pools?

Is there a way to add other spendable point-pools?

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I’m assuming you mean like luck points or XP? FS3 has no concept of other point pools, so that’s not something that I would build in to the core code. The other skill systems (available as “extras”) are similar – they have only two pools: one for XP/advancement and the other for luck/story.

With custom code, you could certainly create new commands (mirroring the luck commands) that let you award, spend, and track another type of points.

Yep – if it was PennMUSH I’d probably be able to just copy the luck code and give another name to a second spendable pool. It shouldn’t have a dice effect, but should be gainable via +votes and staff-given awards.

With Ares, I’ve got no clue. I can fake it by just using luck, but I’d like to use luck for luck.

Obviously if you know Penn code already, it’s not going to be as easy to copy the commands in Ares because the language is different. But it’s also not impossible to learn. There are a ton of tutorials, and a community of folks here on the forum or in the discord who can help.

In addition to the luck commands, you can take a look at the Compliments or Cookies extras for some ideas.

Oh, I don’t know Penn code. What I know is how to look at it and do simple modifications. Ares, I haven’t got the first clue. I don’t know how to look at the luck command, even. Nor even where to ask beside here.

It did strike me as something more than one game might want, and possibly on somebody’s docket already.

The luck commands are here: (luck award and luck spend).

The tutorials for how to make a new command are here:

You’re certainly welcome to ask here if you run into trouble, or request to join the private dev discord.

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