A Few Questions(Roster and Character Generation Stuff)

I apologize if answers to these questions are answered elsewhere, I just couldn’t find them with a quick search.

First, when a character is put on the roster does the system(or can the system) clear their pages, mail, and non-shared scenes from the database? I’m prepping to go public with a game where the roster system may be used quite a bit and we’d like to protect players from having unshared logs/mail/pages shared between players.

Second, is there a way of disabling something from the core character generation system such as RP Hooks, Background, and/or Last Will? Most people I talk to aren’t interested in the Last Will and I’m thinking about combining RP Hooks and Background.


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To answer your questions:

  • Rostering a character (or otherwise idling them out) clears private OOC data. Pages, mail, email, and a few other things (you can find a complete list by searching the code for all the places that handle the CharIdledOutEvent). It does not delete unshared scenes, because other players have an ownership stake in their own RP. They may want to share and/or download those scenes.
  • RP Hooks are part of the core chargen plugin. You can’t remove them, but you can mark them optional with the hooks_required option and clarify that they’re optional in the hooks_blurb option.
  • Background is similarly part of the core chargen plugin. It can’t be removed, but you could clarify your expectations in the bg_blurb option. There is no way to mark it as optional, but I might consider adding it if that’s a common desire. The primary difference between hooks and background is that hooks are always public, whereas background is private unless someone chooses to share it.
  • Last Will is part of the core Idle/Roster plugin. It can’t be disabled. It’s optional, though. In practice most players won’t bother to set it, but some players value it.

Of course you can change any/all of this with custom code.

Maybe this isn’t possible, or it’d be too much work, but would it be possible to make it so that when a character is roster they’re disconnected from any unshared scenes that playerbit has? The other player may want to keep those logs but they may not want a new player to read those logs if they want to keep them private, if you get my meaning. Thanks!

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It’s possible, but it doesn’t really fit with my vision.

RP is IC. The scene happened and it included that character. If the character is removed and then the scene is later shared, that character wouldn’t be listed in the scene - which is incorrect. Even if the scene is never shared, the fact that it wasn’t deleted by the auto-unshared-cleanup means that it’s probably recent. It can be beneficial for the new incoming player to know what their character has been up to recently.

Individual players can choose to edit the scene list themselves if they see that a character they RP with has been rostered, but that’s not something I intend to do on a system level. Of course you could do it with custom code.

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