Wonky padding in Profile tabs with tables

I’m not sure if this something officially supported or not that would warrant attention, but I noticed it today! A player on The Network used a Bingo Card generator as a fun RP thing to put in a custom Profile tab. What I discovered is that adding an HTML table to a profile tab causes a huge amount of padding either before (as viewed in Chrome and Safari) or after (Firefox) the table. Inspecting the actual code shows a ton of extra <p> and <br> lines added.

The generator did output with inline styling and whatnot, but I found the issue remained even when I stripped all of that out (so ONLY the very basic HTML table tags with no styles or formatting). Markdown tables still work, of course. In this instance it was just cool having the height and width standardized as squares to look like a board, etc.

Anyways, it was definitely curious to see, and I wasn’t sure if was something in the actual realm of looking at, so I figured I’d drop a line. You can see examples here and here (look at the Neon Garden Bingo tabs).

I copied the source to my test server and it works fine. https://mush.aresmush.com/char/Faraday

It’s not actually padding, but a bunch of <br>'s getting thrown in. It looks like something local to the page. Extra lines maybe, or something from another tab spilling over. Or perhaps a side effect of the custom stylesheet embedded in the profile (which works, for the most part, but isn’t really supported.) I don’t really know, other than to say it doesn’t appear to be a bug related to the table itself.

Try taking out all the %rs.

This works for me.

<style> table.bingo { width: auto; display: inline; } td.bingo { vertical-align: center; text-align: center; height: 10em; width: 10em; border: 1px solid #dcdcdc; background-color:#181b1d; } </style> <table class="bingo"> <tr> <td style="bingo">Dying Request</td> <td style="bingo">Made a New Friend</td> <td style="bingo">Dating Your Coworker</td> <td style="bingo">Hacked the Planet</td> <td style="bingo">Countdown</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="bingo">All Tied Up</td> <td style="bingo">Sudden Death</td> <td style="bingo">Grand Theft Anything</td> <td style="bingo">The Special Thing Breaks</td> <td style="bingo">Caught in Bed Together</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="bingo">Cybering Up - Implants & Limbs</td> <td style="bingo">Challenged to a Duel</td> <td style="bingo">FREE SPACE</td> <td style="bingo">Identity Crisis</td> <td style="bingo">Enemies to Lovers</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="bingo">Only One Gizmo Left</td> <td style="bingo">Ignorance</td> <td style="bingo">Forgotten Birthday/Anniversary</td> <td style="bingo">Love Triangle</td> <td style="bingo">Rained Out</td> </tr> <tr> <td style="bingo">Trust Issues</td> <td style="bingo">Blastoff Malfunction</td> <td style="bingo">The Last Match</td> <td style="bingo">Hopelessly Outnumbered</td> <td style="bingo">Lost Object</td> </tr> </table>

This (what is there currently) has all the extra lines in it.

<style>%rtable.bingo {%r width: auto;%r display: inline;%r}%rtd.bingo {%r vertical-align: center;%r text-align: center;%r height: 10em;%r width: 10em;%r border: 1px solid #dcdcdc;%r background-color:#181b1d;%r}%r</style>%r%r<table class="bingo">%r%r<tr>%r<td style="bingo">Dying Request</td>%r<td style="bingo">Made a New Friend</td>%r<td style="bingo">Dating Your Coworker</td>%r<td style="bingo">Hacked the Planet</td>%r<td style="bingo">Countdown</td>%r</tr>%r%r<tr>%r<td style="bingo">All Tied Up</td>%r<td style="bingo">Sudden Death</td>%r<td style="bingo">Grand Theft Anything</td>%r<td style="bingo">The Special Thing Breaks</td>%r<td style="bingo">Caught in Bed Together</td>%r</tr>%r%r<tr>%r<td style="bingo">Cybering Up - Implants & Limbs</td>%r<td style="bingo">Challenged to a Duel</td>%r<td style="bingo">FREE SPACE</td>%r<td style="bingo">Identity Crisis</td>%r<td style="bingo">Enemies to Lovers</td>%r</tr>%r%r<tr>%r<td style="bingo">Only One Gizmo Left</td>%r<td style="bingo">Ignorance</td>%r<td style="bingo">Forgotten Birthday/Anniversary</td>%r<td style="bingo">Love Triangle</td>%r<td style="bingo">Rained Out</td>%r</tr>%r%r<tr>%r<td style="bingo">Trust Issues</td>%r<td style="bingo">Blastoff Malfunction</td>%r<td style="bingo">The Last Match</td>%r<td style="bingo">Hopelessly Outnumbered</td>%r<td style="bingo">Lost Object</td>%r</tr>%r%r</table>%r

That might help, but FWIW the version I tried had the %Rs in it too and it was fine. So there may still be something else going on.