Web Portal CharGen Error

Ever since I upgraded to .78 the CharGen link kicks to an error page. I’ve been on other games that have upped to .78 with no problems so I’m at a loss. Here is the error I get from the log.

2020-05-23 17:25:03 ERROR - Web client error: Compile Error: Unexpected Helper markdown-editor @ 0…0 : reportError@http://hvmush.com/assets/ares-webportal-685e16457b090db44f25b450fd9892d4.js:12969:19

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I’m not seeing that error. It looks like one of the chargen things wasn’t updated to the new ember version.

Do you have anything custom or extra in your chargen?

I added some tabs using the custom system but I didn’t touch the actual chargen system. I’ll look into it though and see about manually updating that plugin. Thanks.

If you have any customizations, it might also be something in them, or something that got missed in a merge. It’s complaining because you still have the old component syntax somewhere:

{{markdown-editor text=model.area.summary}}

And it needs the new syntax:

<MarkdownEditor @text={{model.area.summary}} />

I searched the current webportal and extras code and can’t find any instances of markdown-editor, so I think it must be something specific to your game.

Any idea where I might find this code?

If it’s only something I would have added…I have no idea what it would be. I never added anything that used markdown-editor. Searching through all the files in the game now.

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It will be in the ares-webportal code in the app/templates folder (or app/templates/components) somewhere.

You could try cloning the code to your desktop and using an editor tool that lets you open and search an entire folder at once. That’s the easiest way to find things for me.

Atom is a good cross-platform tool for this. Some folks also like Visual Studio code. I’m on a Mac and I prefer TextMate.

I found the offending lines of code and repaired them. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

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