Text scenes & "emptiness"

This might be a question for @Tat and @Skew.

Is the way text “poses” are sent causing scenes that are completely text to be counted as empty?

I ask 'cause I have dozens of these in my logs:

2019-11-02 10:45:22 DEBUG - Stopping scene 4352. 

2019-11-02 10:45:22 DEBUG - Stopping empty scene in Scene 4352 - Text 

2019-11-02 10:45:21 DEBUG - Stopping scene 4331. 

2019-11-02 10:45:21 DEBUG - Stopping empty scene in Scene 4331 - Text 

2019-11-02 10:45:21 DEBUG - Stopping scene 4305. 

2019-11-02 10:45:21 DEBUG - Stopping empty scene in Scene 4305 - Text 

2019-11-02 10:45:21 DEBUG - Stopping scene 4294.
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I didn’t look at the code in detail, but from what I recall of a previous similar issue, text poses are added to a scene using a lower-level helper, rather than the main scene API. Thus they don’t trigger everything that a regular pose would. I imagine this is another symptom of that.

Since it’s an extra, this would be up to Tat/Skew to change or approve a contributed fix.

It’s on my radar to change how poses are added (because of the wordcount achievement), but low on my list since it’s functioning right now and it’s not code I wrote ,so I’m not immediately familiar with it. If anyone else finds the change and wants to let me know, I’d be happy to adjust.

To fix the word count thing, I think all you need to do is replace Scenes.add_to_scene with Scenes.emit_pose. They have similar parameter lists – just be sure to pass along scene.room so it goes to the right scene.

def self.emit_pose(enactor, pose, is_emit, is_ooc, place_name = nil, system_pose = false, room = nil)


def self.add_to_scene(scene, pose, character = Game.master.system_character, is_setpose = nil, is_ooc = nil, place_name = nil)

emit pose ultimately triggers add to scene, but only after going through a few other hoops.

But I don’t think that will affect what @KarmaBum is seeing. Even add_to_scene updates the scene activity, so this won’t change that.

@KarmaBum - do you have reason to believe those scenes were stopped incorrectly? A lot of text scenes stopped is not necessarily wrong. It seems to me that text scenes are more likely to be stopped for inactivity than regular scenes, because the characters aren’t in the room normally.

@Faraday - Some of these scenes have previously been stopped and shared.

2019-11-03 10:15:14 DEBUG - Stopping scene 4331. 

2019-11-03 10:15:14 DEBUG - Stopping empty scene in Scene 4331 - Text  

This scene was shared a couple days ago. https://gray-harbor.com/scene/4331

There are a bunch of them like that; here’s the one at the bottom of the list.

2019-11-03 10:15:12 DEBUG - Stopping empty scene in Scene 2928 - Text 

2019-11-03 10:15:12 DEBUG - Stopping scene 2891.


Do you have the ‘released’ version of the text plugin, or did you get it before it became an official extra?

There was a bug in the pre-release version that didn’t properly associate the text scene with the temp room, and I think that could explain the behavior you’re seeing.

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Good question.

I went ahead and grabbed it fresh and opened up a test scene. I’ll keep an eye out and see if that solves it.

If my theory is correct, what would’ve been happening is that the text scene is stopped normally (shared or not, doesn’t matter), but the room wasn’t destroyed. So at some later point, the empty room + inactivity would trigger the “stop empty scene” code, even though the scene was already stopped.

Yep, I would guess you’re right. There are piles of abandoned RPRs from text scenes now that I’m looking at it.

As originally coded, the text plugin was using Scenes.add_to_scene because it allowed the text to be added to the scene without the “pose” formatting. Ie, without the person’s picture, name, etc. This was after rounds of testing where the more condensed version (simply a From -> To: Message) was preferable.

To the best of my knowledge, text scenes were not closing themselves on SL nor on Chontio. Not sure that helps anyone! I wasn’t even aware there was an official plugin…


I don’t think the scenes are actually closing themselves abnormally. The rooms were just getting left around due to the way the temp rooms were being created in v1.

The plugin isn’t “official” - it was just contributed to the extras repo by Tat. I thought we’d all talked about that on the discord and you were fine sharing it. It was awhile ago.

It’s fine to add_to_scene instead of emit_pose (plenty of things that aren’t poses do), but there are some things that it doesn’t trigger. Notably the word count achievement, which someone else commented upon in another thread. If folks care about that, there are various ways it could be reworked.

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From what I’ve seen when people discover texts don’t count for the count, folks do care! (ETA: mostly ‘aw, why not?’)

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