Suggestion: View Rolls in a Scene

I wanted to reference a roll that was made earlier in a scene today and had to scroll a ways back. I realized it’d be super nice/handy if there was a way to recall all of the rolls made in the current scene.

Is this something that’d be doable? I know they’d be ‘out of context,’ but at the same time: context isn’t always necessary. Like if I’m on a new game, I might go ‘Oh shit, how’d Bob roll that special stat they use…’ - I’d know it as soon as they saw it.

If I’m an ST, I might want to quickly reference how many successes the team got overall in the scene. (Or maybe how many failures.) Seeing a snapshot of all the scene’s rolls would be awesome.

The FS3 channel isn’t very good for this because you’d get rolls from other scenes mixed in.

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I get the desire, but unfortunately there’s no real indicator that differentiates a “roll” from any other kind of pose. It would require a fair amount of infrastructure to build that in, and I don’t think this is a situation that comes up very often.

…Is it?

This is another ‘I wasn’t sure how they were logged’ situation. Since obviously they are logged/stored, but I didn’t know how they were captured.

I’m not sure it does come up often. I know it’d benefit me! But if I’m a stand-out case, I’ll deal with the scrolling. :wink:

They’re stored as system poses along with combat messages, scene start/stop notifications, and all other system-related poses.

I could conceivably do different filters/views for different kinds of poses (all, IC, OOC, system) but I’d rather not unless there’s a pressing need. </lazy> :slight_smile:

(But if there is a pressing need or a lot of folks all OMG BEST THING EVER then sure, I can look into that)