Storyteller NPC Permissions In A Plot

Let’s hope I can explain this properly…

So when a plot is created we’re allowed to list who the storytellers are for that plot.

In a scene, we can assign it to a plot and add NPCs to that scene.

If you are an admin you can switch to pose as an NPC that is in the scene. Would it be possible to give this ability to anyone listed as a storyteller for a given plot that the scene falls under as well without having to make that character an admin?

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On many games, anyone can be a plot storyteller so it’s not meant to convey any special permissions over game-wide NPCs.

You don’t have to make someone a full admin though to let them pose NPCs. There’s a permission for that: control_npcs. So you could either give that to everyone, or give that to a specific ‘storyteller’ role.

Cool. I was wondering how it worked behind the scenes. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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