Skill keeps popping up in chargen, resists all attempts to delete

I’ve been having a problem with the background skills in chargen - a skill called “Standard” is relentlessly popping up, and refusing to be deleted. Set it to everyman? It pops right back up with three points. Rename it? It reappears alongside the renamed skill - again, 3 points. Can’t even reduce the number of points on it - it always resets to three. This did not happen with previous chargens

I’m not able to reproduce that issue, but it sounds like an issue with your game’s FS3 chargen configuration.

The default config comes with a language named “Standard”, which is assigned to everyone at rating 3.

If you started chargen while that was configured to be a language, and then the game changed their language list, the skill can get stuck and require an admin to manually remove it.

Well, that might be it. Gonna have to see if that works

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If that is indeed what happened, the simple fix is to just put “Standard” back as a language and - with an admin char - set the affected chars’ standard skill to 0. Once everything’s fixed, you can remove the skill from the skill list again.

With a coder, you can do this in a bit more of an automated way. First find all the Standard language skills:

ruby { |s| == "Standard" }

Then after verifying that the list is what you want, you can do something like delete them all:

ruby { |s| == "Standard" }.each { |s| s.delete }