Sharing/Publishing "Private" Scenes

So right now when you share a scene it’s public for everyone. But sometimes for story purposes or spoilers or the like you need to keep a scene private. Other times you have a text scene or such that you’d like to keep for reference but maybe not publish either.

Could an option be implemented to publish a scene but keep it private to the participants/staff, so that people can keep all RP logs without fear of losing them to a timeout? There’s no quick easy way to copy/paste an active scene without hanging onto all of the OOC stuff. If there was even a ‘cleanup’ option that would prepare it for sharing but not make it live, then at least I could copy the log over to Evernote for longterm safekeeping.


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You can download a clean scene log from the scene menu. I have no plans for making a limited sharing option, sorry.

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Just a little more info now that I’m more awake :slight_smile:

I realize it’s convenient to have access to all scenes in the game. However, most MUs are on a limited budget and try to run on the smallest most economical server size. If Ares kept around every scene ever–even for a mid-sized game–the game would eventually either be forced to use a bigger server size with more resources, or start experiencing performance issues. Neither is ideal. So that’s why Ares has the automatic unshared scene deletion feature turned on by default, and why most games choose to leave it enabled.

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Gotcha! Thanks! I didn’t even realize that download option was there. Shows what I know, haha .

Although, it would be neat if like, older scenes could be offloaded and archived to another database table or such after X time. I get that you don’t want to bog the whole system down but even a $5 Linode is 25 GIGS of HD space.

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I get what you’re saying, but it’s not really disk space that’s the issue, it’s the processing speed of having to sift through a zillion logs to return scene lists, searches, etc. You could move the text to another server, but you’d still need to have some kind of system running on that server to control access to the logs. It would be like running two separate games, and I don’t think many games would want that just to let folks keep their log archives on-game.

There are other benefits to keeping your own log archives off-game too, because what happens if a game goes away? I do offer games the option to archive their logs and stuff on AresCentral, but not everyone takes advantage of that. If you download the logs, you always have them.