Room types and in-game functions

I have been prowling through the documentation but I seem to be unable to find a list of room ‘types’ beyond IC, OOC and Foyer.

As it happens, I’m the guy with the building bit on Ankh-Morpork MUSH, and players are suggesting that perhaps they shouldn’t be seeing weather notifications in indoors rooms. It’s not a big deal but they do have a point so I went hunting to find out if we have, perhaps, a list of flags that a permanent room can have set – a bit like FS3’s ‘hospital’ flag which speeds up the healing rate of characters, for example.

Does such a list exist somewhere? And indeed, can rooms be flagged to not receive weather notifications?

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Unless I’ve managed to totally miss it…

There aren’t “outdoor/indoor” room types that would differentiate seeing weather descs inside them. You could fudge it by creating an area that had dummy weather, so all indoor rooms would get either a dummy comment or just a %b in that space.

We have an area on GH called “The Veil” that really has no weather, so all the rooms there are added to The Veil area - where temperature/condition are always “veil,” so I just had to add:

    temperature: veil
    condition: veil
    stability: 100

veil: 'Overhead, the sky is a flat, blank gray of timelessness and featurelessness.'
veil_spring_morning: There is no sense of day or night or... anything.
veil_spring_day: There is no sense of day or night or... anything.


I wouldn’t mind a “show weather” switch for rooms, though a low-priority feature from my side.


Well, then at least we’ve established that I am not incapable of reading the documentation. :slight_smile:

I will tell my requesting player that it is not currently possible to set rooms to not get weather updates without entirely too much behind the scenes stuff. And indeed, if Faraday gets bored silly some sunday afternoon I wouldn’t cry to see to see a switch either, but it is very much not a priority issue.

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There are only three types of rooms: IC, OOC, RPR (roleplay room).

Foyer, area, grid coordinates, etc. are also described in the building tutorial - they’re not really types of rooms, per se, just settings that can affect how you interact with the room. Hospital is the only plugin-specific room setting (from FS3Combat).

The reason that indoor rooms show weather is because I figured even with indoor rooms you’ve got a window, or a smartphone or some other way to easily tell what the weather is doing outside. But if it’s really bugging people I can add a toggle to turn that off for specific rooms.

As KarmaBum mentioned, you can also disable weather for an entire area, like if you’re on a space station or Battlestar where weather is just not a thing.

Indeed, I pointed out the existence of windows even in a Victorianesque setting. :slight_smile: It’s one of those small cosmetic things that sure, if they exist we’ll fix that, and hey, it doesn’t, so, well, windows. I don’t think I want to grant it the impact of ‘really bugging people’. More on a level of ‘say, if you ever get tired of watching tumbleweeds collide in the empty streets of a darkened metropolis at 3 am on a Wednesday morning’. Priorities, and all that.

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