Portal: New convo is pretty low on channels menu

seems strange to me that users have to scroll all the way down the side menu to get to Add Channel and New Conversation. Also, there’s nothing to distinguish these two buttons which provide different behavior compared to the other menu items.

Is it possible to tuck these in right above the sidebar in a single row side by side (assuming it fits)? If so, I think it might benefit from different styling than the sidebar items to set these apart. This would avoid taking up too much screen real estate (which could knock-on usability problems with the latest activity channels visibility).

A (possibly) cheaper solution would be to provide these two elements with subtle, yet clear styling differences (like an extra ring of color inside/something better XD) and just leave them in their current positions so they don’t crowd the latest activity channels.

FYI, I have HDPI displays/res (a MAC and Windows PC) and I’m using latest chrome.


Yeah that’s a good idea especially for games with lots of channels. Thx!