Multiple users/submitters on one job/request?

So after digging around I didn’t see this anywhere, though perhaps I’m just missing it–is there a way to have more than one user aka submitter on a request or job? Obviously the person submitting would be on it, but can they ‘cc’, if you will, additional people? This is really useful in any kind of game where ‘researchy’ requests and jobs come up, and lets a group of people research via one job, rather than an ST needing to manage several different jobs about one plot.

Again maybe I’m completely missing this and it’s already there, but I didn’t see an option to do this in the web or on-game help.

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Thanks for the feedback. It’s on the wish list, but you can’t do that currently. In the mean time the one thing that might help a little is the job/mail command, which lets you respond to multiple folks via a mail message that is then attached to the job for a record.

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Ah ha! That should work nicely in the mean time. Thanks!