Editing Scenes Suggestion from Portal/Website

It’d be handy to be able to edit the contents of a scene after you stop it (instead of just the info like location and title), so you can cut out bits you don’t want in the shared scene.

Right now you have to stop the scene, share it, then edit it when its live.


Yeah totally get it. It’s just a little problematic because a stopped scene is often restarted, so the poses are still individual poses and not the final cohesive log format. That makes editing difficult. Unless I let people edit each others’ poses in a stopped but unshared log…which has other meh implications.

Best I’ve found is stop, share, unshare as quickly as possible, edit, share again.

It would be cool to have, I don’t know, a ‘Process as Log’ option or something that would do all the stuff except actually share it, while ‘Share’ would still do what it does now usually and only the sharing part if it’d already been Processed. I don’t know if that would confuse people, though.

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The trouble is that sharing/unsharing (or the ‘process log’ that you’re suggesting) takes all the poses and turns them into a single giant system pose. Not everyone can edit that.

It’s essentially the same solution as “let anybody edit each others’ poses once the scene is stopped”, just with some extra clunky steps.

I do feel a little weird about the idea of every pose becoming editable by any of us, but isn’t that really what we already have? Any member of a scene can edit each other’s poses after it’s shared; so it’s just that currently one has to publicly expose the unedited log first (for at least a few seconds), and know how to edit the Giant Pose. I suppose an intentional way to do it could also possibly preserve earlier versions like char/wiki pages do (though in this case, perhaps only viewable by members of the scene, or being able to remove private bits as Coleface asked would become moot).

Editing the massive system pose is honestly a whole lot faster and easier for me than having to individually edit/delete/whatever each pose that needs it would be, but admittedly I know HTML pretty well and I regularly end up editing entire ‘texting’ scenes I’m in for fancier formatting. That would be hellishly tedious done individual pose by individual pose. I’m happy I can do it at all, and in the less soul-deadening way, but I do often wish I could do it without the share/unshare/reshare dance as well.

I just don’t really know what the most reasonable/easy to deal with way to accomplish that would be.

The difference in my mind is that once a scene is shared, it’s because it’s over. Yes, technically you can unshare it, but that’s mostly just there so that you can undo a mistake. It’s not really part of the normal workflow.

So editing a shared scene - which is basically just a fancy wiki page, and will ultimately have an edit history (just haven’t bothered to implement one yet) - versus editing a specific pose that’s attributed to a specific player and can be ‘reactivated’ if the scene restarts.

That’s kind of why I suggested the ‘Process’ thing, because I agree, the scene isn’t necessarily over when it’s stopped. But sharing immediately isn’t an ideal scene-has-ended step for all scenes, and sharing/unsharing to be able to adjust what needs adjusting isn’t a great workflow.

Doing it that way is slightly annoying but works fine for my usual purposes. It’s a little worse when someone has a scene where 85% of it they’re happy to share but the rest they’d rather keep to themselves… but there’s no real way to share the part they want to without also, at least briefly, sharing the part they don’t.

I don’t think the ‘process’ idea feels at all like the perfect solution, but I just can’t think of a better one yet. Maybe part of a scene could be spun off into another one, like, ‘move poses’ and it lets you tick which poses you want to include, click a ‘move’ button, and it makes a new scene with only those poses in it, that could then be continued or not and shared without the ones that should stay unshared? But that feels complicated too.

Rolling up all the poses into a single one (like what happens when you unshare a shared scene) isn’t ideal either because that’s a special kind of pose that can’t be edited by just anyone.

I see two distinct use cases here:

  • You want to share part of a scene but not all of it. This is really a “split scene” workflow, which I do envision as a separate command/menu someday. Right now it’s just not high enough priority to be on the forseeable backlog. For now I think your best option is to just Download the clean scene to your local drive and then use the Create Scene menu to share what you want to share.)
  • You want to run through and tweak grammar and stuff. Just share it and then edit. It’s not a big deal.
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As a workaround… you can grab the log on the MUSH with the log dump command, clear it with the clear command, edit it in a text doc, then paste it in and share the scene.

Paste log into portal

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I feel this pretty hard (the desire to edit before posting) because sometimes (often for some people? :wink: ) there’s NSFW stuff in the middle of the scene you wanna edit out with a FTB so you can post the rest.

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Does it really happen in the MIDDLE though? I mean I’ve seen plenty of scenes that start out as something public but then veer private, but that would be addressed by the “scene split” functionality. I’ve never really seen one that started public, went private, and then came back again… but admittedly I don’t really play NSFW scenes much so… maybe my experience is biased.

Probably 1/3rd of the scenes Paradox and I have on our PCs, lol.

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I’ve definitely had plenty of scenes that did this sort of veer in the middle.

I mean, I just post them wholesale, but I can see why people might want to edit a SFW version.

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Heh okay - I guess it’s more common than I realized.

I’ll see what I can do.

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