Download format of scenes produces error prone output


  1. start a scene
  2. put some content into that scene
  • a pose
  • ooc
  • another pose
  • roll
  1. open up the scene on the portal
  2. select Download Scene from the Scene Menu button
  3. Observe different kinds of output.

Observed Results:
Cannot distinguish OOC from poses.
Basically nothing that would have a special prefix in game exists (so rolls appear without prefixes as well)

Expected Results:
Prefixes appear here as they would in game. Aside from just being able to read back the log in the future and being able to distinguish poses from rolls from OOC…

The use case for this is that I often need to use my client to RP. My custom highlights help me parse and read information faster, including poses themselves. I am a habitual local logger and would like to continue doing this. So I end up in these situations often where I need to use my bit to participate in something on the game with my client. But I need to continue a scene with someone else. Regardless of whether we used the scene system or not, it’s now in our best interest to do so with the web portal.

Then I want to copy/paste the rest of the scene that I don’t have back in my local client with the log open (I hate I have to do this in the first place, but I’m already getting spoiled - ty XD)…why? all my triggers can be used to clean the log (I usually use echo for this purpose)…if I don’t want it filtered, I want it to match the output I’m capturing from the game itself. This helps me keep all the same rules for post-log cleaning, for auxiliary tools, for client rules, etc.

So as you can see, the impact of this is inadvertently large in scope. Right now, I have to hop back and forth doing finds to strip OOC or create the tags “by hand” with the aid of editor macros. This is extremely time consuming for anyone wishing to keep offline logs for posterity, etc.

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Yeah that’s a bug. Thanks for letting me know. Will fix it in the next patch.

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