Digital Genesis & AresMUSH Server Setup

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Using Windows Powershell… I am attempting to set up Ares MU on my Digital Genesis Server and am having some difficulties setting it up. I have attempted figuring it out with your instructions and theirs but I am not getting anywhere. I am hoping for some assistance. Here are the links I am using to try and get set up and what I am seeing on my end as I’ve followed directions.

I did also email Digital Genesis so I’ll update this with their responses as well.

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Links Used in Attempts:

` – Code Feedback –

[sm_admin@omen ~]$ curl
curl: (35) Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to [](


[sm_admin@omen ~]$ wget > setup_server
--2021-02-03 10:50:15--
Connecting to [](||:443... connected.
Unable to establish SSL connection.


[sm_admin@omen ~]$ FTP > setup_server
FTP: Command not found.
[sm_admin@omen ~]$ wget > setup_server
--2021-02-03 10:51:48--
=> `setup_server.1'
Connecting to [](||:21...`
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I’m afraid that particular error is not related to Ares itself so there’s not much I can do. It’s something to do with your secure connection to GitHub’s HTTPS servers, probably related to them not allowing weak encryption. It may be related to the version of powershell you’re using - I usually use a SSH client on Windows rather than trying to go through powershell, so you might try with PuTTY or something similar.

I am going to go ahead and get a Digital Ocean Droplet but for people in the future

What Genesis said is…

It looks like their server is enforcing a new SSL protocol which my server doesn’t support. I would suggest downloading the file(s) you need to your computer and then using SCP (WinSCP for Windows is free) to transfer it from your computer over to omen.

Yeah it’s not really a “new” SSL protocol. Their server must just be a bit outdated. If they don’t support the latest SSL protocols, you’d run into other issues. You can’t get around everything just by SCP-ing the files.

As a side note - Genesis MUDs is an great host for regular MUDs/MUSHes; I used them for years. However, Ares requires a dedicated VPS server with more memory and root privileges. Even if you could have gotten past the SSL issue, it would not have worked. I didn’t realize what host you were using when you first posted.

Digital Ocean droplets are the only supported environment, but Ares will theoretically work on any dedicated Ubuntu VPS server (Linode, AWS, etc.). It just may require some tweaks to the installation.